Mike Fryer, paintings – chimneys
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'I was driving around Gravesend one day and kept seeing the tops of these chimneys - they reminded me of Hokusai's views of Mt. Fuji. So I started to paint a series of small canvases (300 x 300 mm x 40 mm deep) and in the end produced 16 views.'


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pic of 'Chimney 1'   pic of 'Chimney 2'   pic of 'Chimney 3'   pic of 'Chimney 4'  
pic of 'Chimney 5' pic of 'Chimney 6' pic of 'Chimney 7' pic of 'Chimney 8'
pic of 'Chimney 9' pic of 'Chimney 10' pic of 'Chimney 11' pic of 'Chimney 12'
pic of 'Chimney 13' pic of 'Chimney 14'   pic of 'Chimney 15' pic of 'Chimney 16'